about the alice springs wholefood organisation


Established in 1994, Afghan Traders is an establishment in Alice Springs that has risen from humble beginnings. In October 2009, Alice Springs locals Clinton Dennison and Marli Banks bought the business and have built it up to the thriving mecca it is today.

A family-run operation, Clinton and Marli proudly carry a passion for real food and believe that organic farming holds the key to individual health and preservation of our planet. Afghan Traders is a health oasis in the heart of Australia a reflection of the vibrant community where it is located.

Food and Living Organically

Food and living organically are of the highest importance to Clinton and Marli. Their clear goal, at Afghan Traders, is to make quality organic produce and wholefoods available to the Red Centre.

Clinton and Marli are humbled by the enthusiasm from customers at Afghan Traders and maintain that the diversity of the store is a reflection on the vibrant community of Alice Springs.

"We get the most joy learning from you, our customers. Thank you," says Marli. "Every day, we learn more about the world of food and our bodies, it is a pleasure to run such a well received business."